What You Can Expect in the World of Web Development

What You Can Expect in the World of Web Development

Web development is constantly changings as technology gets better, where we used to only have static HTML pages now we have completely interactive web design.  So what is trending now and what is just around the corner as 2018 ends and 2019 begins?  Let’s have a look at what you can expect in the world of web development and how it can impact your business.

Single Page Sites

You may think this is a step backwards but it really isn’t.  With mobile browsing dominating single page sites are easier to navigate, the information is right in front of the user, they are short and to the point.  Here is why a single page site may be all that you need.

Mobile is Everything

If your site isn’t mobile it’s costing you money.  Not only has Google switched the index to mobile first but they have also put together the AMP project.  In a nutshell your site needs to be built to work on mobile devices and it needs to load superfast.

How do you do that?

  • First you’re going to start with good hosting like cheapwindowsvps.com that will make sure your server is working the way it should and delivering your content to the user quickly.
  • Second you’re going to use an AMP plugin so any unnecessary code it stripped out and your site is up to 8 times faster than it is right now. Giving the users the best experience possible.

Web Applications

Progressive Web Application were first introduced way back in 2015 and now they are an integral part of web development.  What they do is allow your mobile browsing visitors to have a similar experience as desk top users.  All websites going forward need to be built around the mobile browsing experience.

Push Notifications

Used in the right way and push notifications can help you grow your client base incredible quickly, however if you don’t know what you’re doing you will irritate these same customers and they will be fleeing to your competitors.  Push notifications can be really engaging and can improve your relationship with a customer, but if you are constantly sending notifications to your customer base you run the very real risk of irritating them.

Realtime Chat and Customer Support

Communication with clients is changing drastically and by 2020 most client communication will take place digitally.  Chat services and chatbots are paving the way for this to happen.  Clients can reach you 24hrs per day and using AI and a chatbot you can answer basic questions automatically without have a person at the other end.  This will save businesses money while at the same time improving the user experience.

Mobile App or a Mobile Site

Mobile App or a Mobile Site

You have finally embraced the idea of a mobile presence for your business and now it is time to decide between a mobile app or a mobile site. Bear in mind that there is really nothing stopping you from having both.  While they do look similar there are some pretty big differences between the two that will ultimately affect the option that you choose.  Let’s look at the differences and you can decide which that your business needs.

What’s the Difference?

A mobile website is just that, you access it from your phone’s browser and it is a bunch of HTML pages all linked together.  Typically there are some code differences so it looks better and it is easy to use for mobile users.  It displays text, video, graphics and maybe a couple of mobile only features like click to call.  An app is different in that you download it and install in on your phone, you go to the App Store to get it and install it.  Apps can pull information from your phone and the web similar to a website.

Which is Better?

There is no easy answer to that it really depends on your business goals.  Here’s a real world example, if you own a taxi company then you may be better suited building an app, repeat business is your bread and butter.  An app makes it easy for customers to remember you and call a cab when they need one at the push of a button, take out restaurants are another good example of a business that benefits from an app.  However if you own a plumbing business then an app is not only unnecessary it is expensive to develop and you are better off having a mobile site.

There are other advantages to going with a website versus an app, starting with you don’t have to wait for approval nor will it cost you money to develop.  Mobile apps don’t come cheap however that doesn’t mean they aren’t good for business.  With a website you also don’t have to worry about compatibility, no worrying about whether your user has an android or iPhone.  Mobile websites are easier to optimize for SEO and they won’t be deleted in the future.  Users delete apps they don’t use regularly all the time.

In the end you will have to make the best choice for your business and that means looking at the customers that you are targeting and how you want them to interact with you.  Bear in mind that a well designed mobile site can do many of the things an app can do as well.